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1) Clarify Your Great Purpose with Love’s Billion Dollar Question

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3) Discover the Surprising Secret to Becoming the World’s Leading Expert in Your Field

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Speak directly with Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology), founder, on Zoom Please schedule 30-60 minutes for your online empowerment. You get to choose a date and time that works for you (times are Monday to Saturday about 11 am – 7 pm CT Costa Rican time).

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Save 5-50 Years of Costly

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Enjoy a one-to-one consultation with me in which you learn Love's 7-Figure Strategy, the secret to becoming the World's Leading Expert in Your Field.

This is the #1 strategy that helped me to empower over 2,000,000 people online, and attract over $7,000,000 with a single presentation. Also, if you want to become a successful speaker, I hired speakers for high-paying corporate opportunities, and I can tell you that using this secret well can easily launch your speaking success ten times faster.

The paid consultation in which you learn Love's 7-Figure Strategy will last 3-5 minutes, plus... If you sign up now, and complete Your 6-Second Super Powers bonus online quest before the consultation, you can also get 25 minutes of free bonus consulting in which I help you clarify your dreams, goals, and challenges, as well as your life purpose. If you want, we can discuss some of our other programs that may be a fit for you, such as our Inspire and Prosper by Empowering OUTstanding Lives Costa Rican Retreats, Empower Millions Speaker's Certification, or 7-Figure Social Media Certification course with Prosperity University.

Usually, we meet on Zoom (or occasionally on Whatsapp). Most appointments take place in the afternoons, Monday to Saturday, Costa Rican time (Central Time in Central America).

Once you register, you will get a link to my Calendly page that will let you choose a convenient time for our consultation. You will also get an email with a link to Your 6-Second Super Power, a free bonus online quest that can help you to empower millions, inspire and prosper.

Thanks! You make a difference. I look forward to speaking with you.

- Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology), Founder, Prosperity University and

FREE BONUS #1 today: Attract High-Paying Clients with Love's 7-Figure Sales & Marketing Secret

FREE BONUS #2 today: Save 5-20 Years with Love's 7-Figure Branding Secret

Three Hours of This Self-Love Process was Better than 15 Years of Counselling

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I really liked the experience! It made me change my feeling towards myself in minutes with meditation and leaves me with a great tool for my entire life to continue cultivating my confidence and self-love! Try it, it can make a big difference in your life!

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to inspire & empower people to thrive, change lives, & create a kinder world, by empowering over 1,000,000 kind & empathic people to prosper by empowering kindness.

Your Purchase Creates a Kinder World

When you click "buy now" or share our page, you join the dream to create a kinder world. We Support a Super Kind You Literacy Program for Kindness to Kids as well as OUTstanding Kind Communities that save lives of bullied LGBTQ youth.




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Want to enrich your life with more love, bliss, health and/or great wealth?  Every week, discover one Platinum Key Secret in the RICH Miracles Manifestation Formula.  Enjoy a powerful consultation with Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology) live near the beach in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, over Zoom or Whatsapp.  Choose a time that is convenient for you (between 10 am- 7 pm Costa Rican time).  
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